Every four years, the American Farm Bureau Federation asks the Democratic and Republican presidential nominees to address issues that concern farmers going into the election. Here are excerpts of responses from President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden on some key agricultural issues. For the candidates’ full responses on these and other issues, go to www.fb.org/land/presidential-candidate-questionnaire.


Food system resiliency 

As president, what investments and/or policies would you support to ensure the resiliency of our food system?

From the very beginning of the pandemic, the Trump/Pence administration worked to ensure that we protected our nation’s food supply, the critical infrastructure and the workers who support the entire supply chain. The Trump/Pence administration released its list of designated critical infrastructure that exempted the entire food and agriculture production system from any quarantine or stay at home requirements. This exemption list became the guide that was used by every governor in every state to determine closures. The vice president’s task force has, in addition to health experts, also included the Secretary of Agriculture, as food/agriculture issues remain one of the critical aspects of any national crisis response.