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SALE - Exchange Ad 123487, Grundy (County)


Grundy (County)

2019 Honda PCX150 Scooter, 850 miles, fuel-injected 4-stroke 153cc Honda, auto transmission, digital dash, 100+mpg, lots of storage space, easy to operate. $3450 OBO

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SALE - Exchange Ad 123428, Jefferson (County)


Jefferson (County)

CRP/Organic 2021 4X5 round bales Approximately 1,400 lbs Net wrapped Around 40 bales Fairfield, Iowa $60

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SALE - Exchange Ad 123389, Carroll (County)


Carroll (County)

Great Pyrenees/Lab-Mix puppies looking for a new home. Born Dec. 13th

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SALE - Exchange Ad 123388, Black Hawk (County)


Black Hawk (County)

PFM 510 Rock Picker- call if interested. $6500

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