Stress & Mental Health Resources

Resources to Cope with Farm & Rural Stress

Farming is demanding and can be a stressful occupation. Add difficult financial challenges, isolation and factors out of your individual control such as weather and markets, and stress is multiplied for farmers and farm family members. It's not uncommon to find yourself overwhelmed and unsure where to turn.

There are resources available to help you.

Seeking help to deal with stress or crisis is a sign of strength, not weakness. It’s critical for your health and well-being, and free expert help is available right now. Please see the list of resources below.

Are you dealing with anxiety or depression? Are you concerned for the life of a loved one or friend who may be depressed?

Personal Assistance Services – Free Support for Iowa Farm Families

Dealing with anxiety, depression, stress, or other challenges? Iowa farm families have access to free, one-on-one, on-going counseling 24/7 through Personal Assistance Services. Call 1-833-999-FARM (3276) or for general information visit:

FREE 24/7 Counseling Services for All Iowans

COVID Recovery Iowa offers free virtual counseling and assistance for all Iowans affected by COVID-19. Counselors are available 24/7 by phone @ 1-844-775-WARM

National Suicide Prevention Hotline

Free and confidential support for people in distress, prevention and crisis resources for you and your loved ones.

Call (800) 273-8255

Text ANSWER to 683-9863

National Crisis Text Line

(Text with a trained counselor from the Crisis Text Line for free, 24/7)

Text HOME to 741-741

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Hotline (SAMHSA)

Call 1-800-662-HELP (4357)

SAMHSA Disaster Distress Hotline

(Crisis counseling and support for people experiencing emotional distress related to natural or human-caused disasters.)

Call 1-800-985-5990

Iowa Concern Hotline

Stress counseling, financial concerns and legal education.

Call (800) 447-1985 Email: Online chat TEEN Line (800) 443-8336

American Counseling Association of Iowa (AMCA)

Talk to someone at no cost today. AMCA has licensed mental health counselors with immediate openings for Clinical Telehealth. For a complete list visit:

Your Life Iowa

A resource for individuals facing problems with alcohol, drugs, mental health or suicidal thoughts.

Call (855) 581-8111 Text (855) 895-8398 Live chat at Or for more valuable resources visit

Veterans Crisis Line

Support for veterans in crisis.

Call (800) 273-8255

National Institute of Mental Health

Helping individuals overcome post-traumatic stress disorder (PSTD).


Farm State of Mind

Tips and resources for managing stress, anxiety or depression as well as research on Farmer Mental Health.


Ag Health and Safety Alliance

Focusing on health and safety of the next generation in agriculture.

Stress and mental health resources

National Alliance on Mental Illness

Education and support for individuals and families in need.


Iowa Mediation Service

Family Conflict

What can I do to help family and friends?

American Farm Bureau Federation

(Any Farm Bureau member can register for this FREE online training)

Rural Resilience Online Training

Resilient Minds: Managing Stress on the Farm Resources

Rural Health Information Hub

Online Resources

Iowa Concern

(Provided by Iowa State Extension and Outreach)

Resources for talking about and managing stress.

Healthiest State Iowa – Make It Okay

Resources about mental illness and how to be supportive.

Become an Ambassador for your community.


(Iowa’s Center for Agricultural Safety and Health)

QPR training empowers one to intervene and help prevent suicide.

Mental Health First Aid training for rural, veterans, fire/EMS, teens, older adults.

Talk Saves Lives: An Intro to Suicide Prevention Video

University of Wisconsin Madison Extension

Managing & Breaking the Cycle of Chronic Farm Stress resources

Substance Abuse Resources

Drug Disposal

Disposing of drugs safely is one way to prevent misuse and abuse. Learn more here:

Generation RX: Safe Medication Practices for Life

We can all do our part to prevent the misuse of prescription drugs by engaging in safe medication practices at home, as well as educating others in our community. Learn more here.


Farm Town Strong- The opioid crisis has struck farm and ranch families much harder than the rest of rural America. Farm towns will overcome this epidemic through strong farmer-to-farmer support and the resilience of our communities. Learn more here:

Senior Care Resources

Mental Health Assistance for Seniors

Assisted Living Resources for People with Mental Health Disorders. Learn more here:

Helpful Podcasts

Spokesman Speaks

Managing farm stress in the midst of COVID-19 (3-part Series)

Overcoming Adversity (Episode 29)

Farmer/counselor shares tips for managing stress during a busy harvest (Episode 141)


Is Everything Alright?

Land O’Lakes

The Struggle: A Mental Health Crisis in Rural America

Tackling Stress - Recorded Webinars

Iowa Farm Bureau

An Iowa Farmer Shares: Families feel stress...talking about it helps

Stress on the Farm: Strategies to Help Each Other

Emotional Stress on the Farm: Implementing Practical Strategies to Cope

Managing Stress in an Era of Ag Uncertainty

Michigan State University Extension and University of Illinois Extension (American Farm Bureau recommended)

Bury Seeds, Not Stress Webinar Series

American Farm Bureau Federation

Farm Stress Management Course

Resources in Spanish (Recursos En Español)

National Suicide Prevention Hotline (in Spanish)

Línea directa nacional de prevención del suicidio

Call (888)-628-9454 / Website

Anxiety & Depression Association of America (ADAA)

Asociación de la depresión de América (ADAA)


Iowa Concern

Preocupación de Iowa

(Provided by Iowa State Extension and Outreach)

(Proporcionado por Iowa State Extension and Outreach)

Call (800) 447-1985 / Email: / Website