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News Releases

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Iowa Farm Bureau Economic Summit taps into possible industrial hemp opportunities in Iowa


Growing up to 40 acres of industrial hemp will be legal in Iowa, pending regulations

Iowa Farm Bureau responds to new E15 year-round rule


IFBF believes opening the market for E15 year-round is just one more way agriculture grows opportunities for all Iowans

Iowa Farm Bureau spices up Iowa State Fair Grand Concourse with 56th Annual Cookout Contest


This contest will bring dozens of chefs and a crowd of on-lookers to the fair to see who will be crowned ‘top chef.’

Iowa Farm Bureau Economic Summit to feature national experts on trade


With critical trade deals awaiting congressional approval and negotiations with China evolving constantly, the future for many Iowa farmers is uncertain as they look for proactive ways to generate income and manage risk.

Boone County baby toy manufacturer presented Iowa Farm Bureau's Renew Rural Iowa Entrepreneur Award


Without prior experience in their skilled trade industry, Stacey and Jesse Bannor’s successful entrepreneurial toy venture is certainly unique.

Iowa Farm Bureau reacts to trade assistance package for farmers


Iowa farmers are hopeful the $16 billion agricultural assistance package announced today will help mitigate the financial effects the trade war has had on farmers, and we look forward to learning more details about the package.