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News Releases

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Iowa Farm Bureau statement on Iowa's impaired waters report


Iowans can take great pride knowing the State and water quality stakeholders are making strides monitoring the state’s watersheds to ensure stakeholders are taking on the challenge of improving water quality.

A Celebration Of 'People, Progress, Pride' brings Iowa farmers to  Des Moines for 2019 Iowa Farm Bureau Annual Meeting


Famed former paraplegic, author and motivational speaker Chris Norton to keynote.

Analysis shows Iowa continues to lead in agriculture but still faces market challenges


Iowa grain farmers continue to work within narrow—and sometimes negative—margins.

 Carroll County full-service marketing firm earns Iowa Farm Bureau's Renew Rural Iowa Entrepreneur Award


Emerge Marketing Solutions, a business most would envision in a large major metropolitan area, instead calls the rural town of Manning home, telling the great stories of Iowa communities and working to revitalize rural Iowa.

Iowa Farm Bureau and Fareway's "Fill Your Freezer" contest shows real meat tops the family dinner table in Iowa


Despite many options at the grocery store, meat is still the center of many Iowa meals, as more than 33,000 Iowans entered the Iowa Farm Bureau and Fareway’s “Fill Your Freezer” contest for a chance to win $200 of free meat.