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News Releases

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Iowa Farm Bureau Federation young farmers raise much-needed funds for Iowa food banks


Hundreds of young farmers from Iowa Farm Bureau came together and raised $5,515 for the Food Bank of Iowa.

Cow farts, climate change and what really stinks about celebrity diet advice


Just when you think you have things figured out, new information comes forward and proves you were wrong. Maybe it all comes down to where you started your search for answers.

Iowa Farm Bureau Federation hires Dr. Sam Funk to lead research important to Iowa agriculture


Dr. Funk is responsible for serving IFBF’s statewide membership by conducting original research and economic analysis on agricultural issues.

Iowa Farm Bureau's Renew Rural Iowa honors north central Iowa business that teaches art around the world


A Mitchell County couple credited with making education curriculum just a ‘click away’ for art teachers around the nation are the recipients of Iowa Farm Bureau’s Renew Rural Iowa Entrepreneur Award.

Iowa Farm Bureau's new community resources manager continues organization's history of philanthropy


Ronnette Vondrak will be responsible for managing IFBF's charitable contributions

Iowa Farm Bureau joins Iowa Department of Agriculture, farmers and conservationists to sponsor cover crop workshop


Iowa Farm Bureau Federation (IFBF) is proud to sponsor a Cover Crop Workshop in Ankeny, where farmers can learn how cover crops can improve their yields and soil structure, while also being an important part of the Iowa Nutrient Reduction Strategy.