How the "Millennial Farmer" (Zach Johnson) became a YouTube sensation | The Spokesman Speaks Podcast, Episode 65

Zach Johnson, the "Millennial Farmer" with more than 700-plus YouTube subscribers, joins us on The Spokesman Speaks podcast.
Zach Johnson (pictured above) is known to his 700,000-plus YouTube subscribers as the "Millennial Farmer." Zach joins us for this episode of The Spokesman Speaks podcast.

Welcome to Episode 65 of The Spokesman Speaks podcast. This episode features an in-depth conversation with Zach Johnson (the Minnesota farmer who's known to his 700,000-plus YouTube subscribers as the "Millennial Farmer"). The episode also includes discussions about Iowa's impact on national public policy (with Iowa Farm Bureau President Craig Hill) and a new program to assist livestock farmers who were impacted by last year's derecho (with Brian Waddingham of the Coalition to Support Iowa's Farmers).


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