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Iowa Farm Bureau Federation statement on second round of Coronavirus Food Assistance Program (CFAP) aid


“Many sectors of the economy have struggled through the global pandemic, and agriculture is no exception, with many farm families feeling the hardship and fighting to keep their farms sustainable. Many farmers were left out of the initial round of CFAP aid, which expired last week, so the recent announcement of a second round of assistance is welcomed news."

What are the major sources of greenhouse gas emissions?


Everyone has a part to play in promoting a sustainable planet. For the family farms I work with, sustainability is a top goal.

Iowa Farm Bureau statement on Trump administration decision to deny "gap year" SRE waivers


The Iowa Farm Bureau Federation (IFBF) is pleased the Trump administration is upholding the rule of law regarding small refinery exemptions (SREs) or ‘gap year’ hardship waivers, allowing oil companies to bypass biofuel blend mandates...

Delegates adopt policy


Farm Bureau delegates develop language on livestock, biofuels and other key issues.

Iowa Farm Bureau's virtual state fair "Ag-Mazing Challenge" announces $500 Visa gift card winners


Nearly 27,000 challenges were completed in the Ag-Mazing Challenge hosted on the GooseChase app.

Teaching Burger King about sustainability | The Spokesman Speaks Podcast, Episode 51


In this episode, Iowa DOT officer Sergeant Kevin Killpack talks about DOT’s rules and exceptions for farmers during the 2020 harvest. And Iowa farm celebrity Michelle Miller (known to her social media followers as “The Farm Babe”) shares how she welcomed Burger King executives to learn the truth about the sustainability of agriculture (after Burger King ran an ad mischaracterizing the environmental impact of cattle).

Iowa Minute: Dairy cows are providing the protein and vitamins you need, more efficiently


Milk is nature's original sports drink, providing the protein and vitamins your body needs. And thanks to advanced animal care and nutrition, cows are producing milk more efficiently than ever before!

How to manage crops damaged by Iowa's derecho | The Spokesman Speaks Podcast, Episode 50


This special episode features expert advice on managing crops that were damaged by Iowa's derecho storm on August 10. Dr. Mark Licht (a cropping systems specialist for Iowa State Extension) encourages farmers to start with their crop insurance agents and walks them through their management options.

Iowa Farm Bureau members impacted by derecho qualify for special below-invoice pricing with Ford


By combining Ford and Iowa Farm Bureau savings, members can save up to $8,000 on a Ford F-150 XLT.

Standing tall in a terrible windstorm


Satellite imagery showed the storm significantly impacted about one-quarter of Iowa’s corn acres, according to the Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship. The storm path trekked across 57 of the state’s counties from border to border with the most severe impact occurring on 3.8 million acres of corn and 2.5 million acres of soybeans in 36 counties, the agency said.