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Young Iowans and Kosovans bond through agriculture


They are leading the way by seeking the larger picture and by forging international relationships. I’m

Iowa Farm Bureau partners with TruHearing to provide members with high quality, low-cost hearing aids


This new program will help Iowa Farm Bureau members save 30 to 60 percent off the retail price of more than 100 models of brand-name hearing aids.

CRP may help my son “take his shot” in the future


Latest figures from DNR show this year’s Iowa pheasant population is the highest in a decade, with a projected statewide harvest of 250,000 to 300,000 roosters for hunters.

Road smarts: Sharing the road and keeping safe at harvest


The most important thing drivers can do is to be patient. Everybody has somewhere to be, but following too closely behind a combine or a tractor towing a grain cart or passing quickly could be hazardous. It’s often tough for farm equipment operators to see your car, and tractors and combines often make wide turns.

Hunger in Iowa: Take the #10gallonchallenge


We’ve all seen how the power of social media can turn a small idea into a nationwide movement.

Iowa Minute: Free concussion insurance for Iowa high school athletes


Iowa Farm Bureau is partnering with IGHSAU and IHSAA to sponsor free HeadStrong concussion insurance for all Iowa high school athletes.

New NASS analysis shows Iowa farmers continue to efficiently raise livestock and grain despite market challenges


For the second time in Iowa history, corn yields broke 200 bushels per acre, yet the money it costs Iowa farmers to grow those crops, exceed the revenue they get from selling them.

Lean protein: Why pork is good for you


What many people may not realize, with “plant-based” diets getting so much attention, is that animal-based proteins are considered high-quality sources of lean protein.

Iowa Farm Bureau praises administration for E15 waiver


E15 is a safe, clean and low-cost fuel which can be used in 9 out of every 10 cars on the road today and since Iowa corn farmers currently sell one-third of their crop for renewable fuel production, removing barriers to sell it is a no-cost, win-win for both farmers and consumers.

Farm Bureau Health Benefit Plan available to Iowa Farm Bureau members


New coverage plans sold through authorized agents