Marketing year exports released

U.S. export data for the month of August from the Census Bureau has been released. For the month, the United States exported 129.85 million bushels of corn compared to 180.4 million bushels in July and 135.6 million bushels in August 2021. 

This put 2021-22 marketing year exports at 2.471 billion bushels, up 4 million bushels from USDA projections. Soybean exports in August totaled 121.9 million bushels, well above the 85.36 million bushels in July and the August 2021 total of just 48.2 million bushels. 

For the marketing year, the Census Bureau has soybean exports of 2.16 billion bushels, 17 million bushels above the USDA. 

The Census Bureau also reported U.S. beef exports for August of 323.6 million pounds. This was a record for the month and put yearly beef exports at 2.41 billion pounds. Pork...