The past year was an eventful one for Farm Bureau and agriculture in general. The Spokesman, as always, covered a wide range of news that affected Iowa, the United States and the entire world. Here’s a look back at some of the biggest news events of 2019.

Devastating floods

Farms and rural communities, especially those in southwest Iowa, were devastated by flooding in early spring 2019. 

The flooding from local rain and snowmelt in areas drained by the Missouri River caused some $2 billion in damage, according to an Iowa Farm Bureau Feder­ation (IFBF) an­­alysis. The high waters swamped fields, de­­stroyed stored grain, flooded  houses and severely damaged roads, bridges and other infrastructure.

Farmers, youth organizations, Farm Bureau agents and others rushed in to help those impacted in  Iowa and neighboring Nebraska with food, hay and other needed items. Farm Bureau also established an exchange to help Iowans, offering...