Iowa Farm Bureau Applauds Governor Reynolds’ Commitment to Rural Development and Vitality

Members of the Iowa Farm Bureau Federation (IFBF), Iowa’s largest grassroots farm organization, will focus their 2019 legislative lobbying strength on issues most important to members, including enhancing the Beginning Farmer Tax Credit program, water quality and soil conservation, and taxpayer protection. 

“The long-term sustainability of Iowa’s family farms is critical to Iowa and our communities,” says IFBF President Craig Hill.  “To maximize opportunities for the next generation of Iowa farmers, IFBF will work to enhance the Beginning Farmer Tax Credit program that helps pave the way for young and beginning farmers.”  

As a long-time advocate for taxpayers, IFBF will again work to protect property taxpayers whose tax burden has doubled in the last two decades to $5.75 billion in fiscal year 2019.  The organization is dedicated to working with legislators to maintain current levels for the Homestead Property Tax Credit and the Ag Land/Family Farm Tax Credit, and to continue to extend other key provisions beneficial to property taxpayers.

Another focus for IFBF during the 2019 legislative session will be working to ensure the state concentrates on maintaining and investing in Iowa’s existing parks and conservation areas, as opposed to alternative approaches that focus merely on acquiring more land.  “Iowans take great pride in our state parks and recreation areas, and Farm Bureau members overwhelmingly support the notion that taxpayer dollars are best used for improving, staffing, and maintaining our current state parks,” says Hill. 

“Iowa farmers have eagerly stepped up to take on the challenge of improving Iowa’s water quality, and IFBF will work to protect the increased funding levels that were passed last year for the Iowa Nutrient Reduction Strategy, as well as maintaining current funding levels for other successful conservation programs, including conservation cost share programs to achieve our goals set out by the Nutrient Reduction Strategy,” says Hill. 

“One of the many strengths of the Iowa Farm Bureau is the year-round grassroots policy development process led by our members in all 100 county Farm Bureaus,” says Hill. “Our members are excited to work with their legislators during the 2019 legislative session to advocate for the issues important to our members and all Iowans.”