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A Farm Bureau proposal for an affordable health care benefit is introduced


A FArm Bureau proposal for an affordable health care benefit is introduced

Key bills move to committee


Both chambers of the Iowa legislature completed sub­­committee and committee meetings last week, with many bills trying to beat the first funnel deadline of Feb. 16.

Sec 199A Deduction and its Potential Impacts on Producers and Grain Marketing Firms


One section of the Internal Revenue Code (IRC) in particular--IRC § 199A Deduction for Qualified Business Income of Pass-Through Entities (Sec 199A hereafter)--is getting a lot of attention, raising questions and eyebrows for its potential impacts on grain marketing decisions. In essence, language in this section of code gives producers marketing grain a significant incentive to sell to a cooperative rather than a non-cooperative firm.

Grassley: Congress needs to fix tax treatment for co-ops


Congress quickly needs to find a fix for a provision in the new tax law that provides farmer-owned co-ops a distinct advantage in the marketplace

Who's raising a glass to the Republican tax law? Iowa's craft breweries.


Under the new “Craft Beverage Modernization and Tax Reform Act,” breweries that make fewer than 2 million barrels annually (read: every brewery in the state) will be taxed $3.50 on the first 60,000 barrels produced each year, half of the $7 barrel tax that brewers saw in previous years. The GOP-backed bill was signed into law last December and went into effect earlier this month.

Farmers welcome tax changes kicking in for 2018


Farmers and ranchers are welcoming the tax reform package signed by President Donald Trump late last year.

A breath of fresh air on regulation


But AFBF’s Duvall highlights challenges on trade and passing new a farm bill.

Reynolds highlights water quality funding


The Iowa Governor also pledges to work for state tax reform in the 2018 legislative session.

Co-ops and grain companies look for a rework on tax provision


Grain handling companies, co-ops and lawmakers scrambled last week to fix a provision in the new tax bill that would provide farmers a distinct tax advantage if they sell commodities to a cooperative of which they are a member of.

Iowa Farm Bureau members recognized and helped implement national policy at 99th Annual American Farm Bureau Convention


Iowa Farm Bureau Federation (IFBF) voting delegates joined delegates representing all 50 state Farm Bureaus this week in Nashville during the 99th American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF) Annual Convention to approve resolutions that will guide the grassroots organization on national policy throughout 2018.