New Services for Managing Farm Stress

Free, Confidential and Only Available to Iowa Farmers and their Families

Webinar Date:
Wednesday, July 28 -  Time: 1:00 pm


- Shari Rogge-Fidler, President and CEO, Farm Foundation
- Amie L. Merz, Licensed Professional Counselor, Account Manager, Personal Assistance Services
- Monica Kramer McConkey, LPC, Rural Mental Health Specialist

Farm Foundation and ISU Extension have partnered to bring pre-paid, ongoing wellness coaching and counseling services to Iowa farm families. This confidential support for a variety of life events is easily accessible via phone, text, live chat, video or app.

While stress in life is normal and can move people toward positive change or action, when it crosses the line of impacting decision-making, relationships and physical health, it needs to be addressed. Those in agricultural communities who experience burdensome stress may struggle making day-to-day decisions on their operations and can be more prone to accident-related injuries.

To help address these concerns and to raise awareness of this new service, Iowa Farm Bureau will be hosting speakers from Farm Foundation, Personal Assistance Services and an experienced rural mental health specialist to provide an overview of health services available to farmers to assist in challenging times.

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00:00 - Intro and Farm Foundation (mission, vison, priorities)
08:40 - Farming Stressors, Warning Signs, etc.
28:00 - Details on all the services available

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