Iowa Minute Transcript

Laurie Johns: Iowa is known for growing corn and beans. But hops? Oh, yes! There's a growing demand for Iowa-grown hops as more and more people are embracing the local craft brew craze. So now, "brewed in Iowa" means "grown in Iowa." Growing hops is hot in Iowa.

Chris Priebe (Millstream Brewing Company): The soil and the growing conditions really affect the flavor and the aroma that you get out of them. Right now we're using Cascade and Chinook from Buck Creek Hops.

Johns: There are many varieties of hops, and in this sticky weather they can grow 6-12 inches in a single day, but they're not a low-maintenance crop. 

Mark Pattison (Johnson County Hops Farmer, Buck Creek Hops): We have a high amount of humidity. We fight things like downy mildew, pests, aphids, Japanese beetles, but once you can get your hands around that, they actually thrive.

Johns: This is one more way Iowa farmers are diversifying their farms because if you want it, Iowa farmers will grow it. With your Iowa Minute, I'm Laurie Johns.