Iowa Minute A 60-second news feature that highlights current issues important to Iowans. Airs on TV stations across Iowa.

Iowa Minute

Iowa Minute is a 60-second news feature that highlights the role agriculture and Farm Bureau play in Iowans’ lives. The feature airs on these TV stations.




Iowa Minute: Dairy cows are providing the protein and vitamins you need, more efficiently


Milk is nature's original sports drink, providing the protein and vitamins your body needs. And thanks to advanced animal care and nutrition, cows are producing milk more efficiently than ever before!

Iowa Minute: Working together to achieve Iowa's water quality goals


Iowa's farmers have reduced phosphorus loss by 22%. Now they're using the same approach (involving innovation and collaboration) for the state's nitrate goals.

Iowa Minute: Upcycling is a key sustainable farming practice for livestock farmers


Livestock can convert inedible plant waste like corn stalk residue and soy hulls into protein-rich food for humans like meat and dairy through upcycling.

Iowa Minute: Meat is healthier than you think


Meat is a healthy part of a balanced diet. It's simple, tasty, and nutritious, with vitamins and minerals that are hard to find in other foods.

Iowa Minute: Updated drainage leads to improved water quality


Updating Iowa's drainage systems leads to less fertilizer, better nutrient absorption, & improves water quality when water goes through conservation structures.

Iowa Minute: Innovation helps farmers build on conservation success


2019 Conservation Farmer of the Year Jarad Weber is deeply invested in his land. It's his livelihood, and he wants to keep the soil where it belongs.