Iowa Minute A 60-second news feature that highlights current issues important to Iowans. Airs on TV stations across Iowa.

Iowa Minute

Iowa Minute is a 60-second news feature that highlights the role agriculture and Farm Bureau play in Iowans’ lives. The feature airs on these TV stations.




Iowa Minute: Innovative animal care


See how innovation and compassionate care are making a big difference on today's livestock farms.

Iowa Minute: Goats on the Go


Iowa's farmers are getting creative to address a growing environmental problem.

Iowa Minute: Iowa farmers are restoring "nature's nitrate filters"


Thanks to collaboration and guidance from experts at Iowa State University, Iowa's farmers have been restoring wetlands, nature's nitrate filters, for generations. See how it's making a difference for water quality.

Iowa Minute: Collaborating to measure conservation progress


See how the Iowa Nutrient Research and Education Council is bringing together partners to provide farmers with conservation expertise and measure progress.

Iowa Minute: Precision agriculture playing a key role in protecting water


Today's innovative farmers use science and technology to strive for balance when applying fertilizer. By sampling soil and obtaining GPS maps of their land, Iowa farmers are able to spoon-feed their plants the appropriate amount of fertilizer, which is better for their business and better for the environment.

Iowa Minute: See how cattle under roof not only benefits livestock, but the land too


One conservation method Iowa livestock farmers utilize is keeping their animals under roof during extreme weather months. Find out why this is just another way in which Iowa's responsible farmers care for our state's land and water.