Iowa Minute A 60-second news feature that highlights current issues important to Iowans. Airs on TV stations across Iowa.

Iowa Minute

Iowa Minute is a 60-second news feature that highlights the role agriculture and Farm Bureau play in Iowans’ lives. The feature airs on these TV stations.




Iowa Minute: Finding the best conservation practices for a farm requires collaboration


Ankeny farmers Carol and Randy Miller discovered that a bioreactor was the best conservation practice for their farm - to help reduce nitrates in their watershed. But each farm is different, and finding the best conservation practices for a particular farm requires time and collaboration.

Iowa Minute: Livestock helping revitalize Eagle Grove


Thanks to livestock farmers in the area, a new business is coming to Eagle Grove, Iowa, along with 250 new families.

Iowa Minute: Ethanol technology reducing greenhouse gas emissions, price of fuel


The new Iowa Minute explores how technological advancements in ethanol production are benefitting the environment and consumers’ wallets.

Iowa Minute: Innovative animal care


See how innovation and compassionate care are making a big difference on today's livestock farms.

Iowa Minute: Goats on the Go


Iowa's farmers are getting creative to address a growing environmental problem.

Iowa Minute: Iowa farmers are restoring "nature's nitrate filters"


Thanks to collaboration and guidance from experts at Iowa State University, Iowa's farmers have been restoring wetlands, nature's nitrate filters, for generations. See how it's making a difference for water quality.