Milk is nature's original sports drink, providing the protein and vitamins your body needs. And thanks to advanced animal care and nutrition, cows are producing milk more efficiently than ever before!

Iowa Minute Transcript

Laurie Johns: It's nature's original sports drink, packed with eight grams of protein, plus calcium, potassium, vitamins D and B12, all designed to help muscles recover and grow.

The best part: This sports drink doesn't come from a lab, but a farm, and a pretty efficient one too.

Leo Timms: Cows are probably producing four times the amount of milk, on 70 percent less water, land, and feed. We're just more efficient in our feed, in our land. But so are the animals. We've got better moms and dads and genetics and things like enhanced comfort in lying down, in a 24/7/365 cafeteria, knowing every ingredient and every vitamin and mineral they need, in every mouthful they eat.

Laurie: Today's modern dairy cows have their own kind of personal trainers and nutritionists to feed them special diets. If you have questions about modern livestock farming, check out