Iowa Farm Bureau is an organization for everyone. From supporting youth through scholarships and sponsorships to promoting entrepreneurs through our Renew Rural Iowa program, Iowa Farm Bureau is a grassroots organization dedicated to serving Iowa's farmers and their families for years to come. Take a step back in time with Laurie Johns in this edition of the  Iowa Minute.

Iowa Minute Transcript

Laurie Johns: 100 years ago, farmers, bankers, business leaders, and teachers formed Iowa Farm Bureau to give farmers a voice and secure food production policies critical to Iowa's communities. Then, as today, Farm Bureau is an organization for everyone.

Kirk Ferentz: My wife and I actually joined the Farm Bureau over a decade ago. It's something that we identify with, we're proud to be Iowans.

Laurie Johns: Farm Bureau brings people together: farmers of all kinds, types, and ages. We support youth through scholarships, athletics, education, and funding of leadership organizations. Farm Bureau encourages the growth of small business through our Renew Rural Iowa mentoring program.

Wendy Wintersteen: This focus on entrepreneurship, economic development, Iowa Farm Bureau has put its investment on the table in a very significant way.

Laurie Johns: Whether it's schools, work, sports, farming, or enjoying a concert to celebrate a hundred years of grassroots strength, Farm Bureau is your ticket to success.