The following statement can be attributed to Iowa Farm Bureau President Brent Johnson: 

Iowa farmers applaud the introduction of the Consumer and Fuel Retailer Choice Act which would increase the availability of homegrown biofuels, like E15, and deliver profound economic and environmental benefits.  

Biofuels provide a national sustainable energy solution, and this bill would end years of regulatory uncertainty and state-by-state regulation, instead providing clarity and uniformity while protecting potential disruptions to our national fuel supply chain.  The environmental benefits of ethanol as a cleaner burning fuel can’t be understated, as recent studies have shown that greenhouse gas emissions from corn ethanol are more than 40% lower than gasoline alone. 

This bill marks the first time that biofuel producers and the oil industry have been united on a path forward to ensure the long-term success of biofuels.  The lack of long-term certainty has constrained biofuels from being fully integrated into fuel markets, and this bill provides solutions that benefit the environment, consumers and rural communities.