Iowa Farm Bureau Statement

Iowa Farm Bureau Federation (IFBF) members support the appointment of Iowa Governor Branstad as Ambassador to China and see the potential of improved trade relations between the two nations, based on the 30-year positive relationship between Iowa’s longest-serving Governor and Chinese President Xi Jinping. Iowa is the second largest ag exporting state in the nation, and China is a big market for Iowa’s livestock, grains, ethanol and agricultural by-products. “Governor Branstad has probably been the greatest promoter and a tireless advocate of agriculture as any Governor in this nation, and Iowa Farm Bureau members have traveled with the Governor to China and seen first-hand the positive reception he gets in China. He is treated with such great respect and authority there, so this appointment is positive for all Iowans,” says IFBF President Craig Hill.

The U.S. Chamber’s report showed that agricultural trade between the two countries grew to $35.6 billion last year and there are predictions that the nation could see $71.2 billion in trade with China by 2025, if forecasts hold. “That’s why it’s very good to have our Governor on the front lines, advocating on behalf of not just agriculture, but all Iowans.”

“While Governor Branstad will advocate for Iowans while he’s in China, we also know Lt. Governor Kim Reynolds will continue the legacy of advocacy for rural Iowa. We look forward to working with her,” says Hill.