Iowa Farm Bureau is a program sponsor of the Farm Family Wellness Alliance.  The program provides farm families with access to confidential, pre-paid, ongoing behavioral health services, including wellness coaching and counseling.

Coaching and counseling are provided through Personal Assistance Services, an organization with a long history of helping people through various life needs and events, and is free of charge to Iowa farm families. 

This initiative was started as a way to provide greater access to confidential, ongoing mental health and wellness services to rural communities, particularly farm families. Families can access one-on-one coaching and counseling, including ongoing counseling sessions, to help manage anxiety, depression, stress, substance use and more. Personal Assistance Services also has many other resources to support a wide variety of life needs. It’s a great resource for support as families navigate day-to-day needs. Some examples include: health and nutrition; tobacco cessation; organization and time management; education, career and retirement planning; childcare and elder care; and more!

For more information and to access the free, confidential assistance, please click here.