Continued optimism in the livestock industry means Iowa farmers are interested in growing their farms and they’re calling the Coalition to Support Iowa’s Farmers (CSIF) for assistance in helping them grow responsibly.

“Across the entire spectrum of livestock ag­­ri­­culture, there are some bright spots,” said Brian Waddingham, executive director of CSIF.

Some of the optimism in the industry relates to livestock market prices, but there’s some interest because young people are returning to the farm.

“There are some opportunities here for young people in some cases who are trying to return back to the farm, and because of that, the family needs to increase livestock production numbers or add livestock for the first time because of the slightly depressed corn and soybean prices.

In some cases, CSIF is seeing farmers just wanting to grow and think the timing is right, Waddingham said.

CSIF continues to help farmers...