We are now at a stage in the marketing year when more interest is placed on acreage, not just in the United States but around the world. 

Commodity values have rallied to record levels in many countries, and as a result, farmers claim they will expand plantings. 

The most watched of these regions is in South America, particularly in Brazil. Brazil has several million acres it can bring into production with little effort. 

These are not rainforests as many believe, but rather arid plains and pastures in the western part of the country. The reason these acres haven't been farmed up to this point is logistics. It is very difficult to get the crops out of the region, and also tough to get inputs delivered. 

Brazil has announced it will be building rail lines to this region, and record returns are making this more likely to happen. Brazil is also receiving outside financing to develop this farmland, with China offering a sizable amount. 

Not only is Brazil...