Bulk NPK Decreasing in Price

Bulk NPK Decreasing in Price

Fertilizer prices have been decreasing in Iowa and around the world for the last 9 years. In Iowa decreases in cash bulk prices for fertilizers sold by the ton reveal that, on average, Nitrogen has decreased on a bi-weekly basis by $0.08, Phosphate $0.13, and Potassium by $0.16 from January 2011 to July 2017, all else equal. This data is reported by the US Department of Agriculture’s: Agricultural Marketing Service on a bi weekly basis, gaps are missing simply unavailable data points.

As of July 21, 2017, average prices were $228/ton for Liquid Nitrogen, $467/ton for MAP/DAP (phosphorus), and $362/ton for potassium. These values have all fallen compared to the same month in 2016 -26%, -9%, and -7% for N, P, and K, respectively. These decreases are unique over this time period, historically over an annual time period, fertilizer prices, although in flux, are relatively steady with a slight negative trend over time as can be witnessed in the figure below.   

Preston Lyman is a Research Analyst with Decision Innovation Solutions (DIS). DIS is an Iowa-Based economic research firm which provides regular farm economics research and analysis to the Iowa Farm Bureau staff and members.

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