Iowa’s leading status as a ‘green’ promoter of renewable energy nationwide is getting an added boost to grow solar energy, thanks to a new partnership between the Iowa Farm Bureau Federation (IFBF) and Van Wall Energy; the new agreement brings significant savings for Farm Bureau members who want the benefits of solar energy for their homes or farms.

Iowa is ranked eighth overall in the production of ‘green’ renewable energy from wind and solar energy systems, but the push for growth continues.   Iowans saw utility costs rise 13% in 2015, so the new IFBF and Van Wall Energy benefit comes at a good time for Iowans seeking to lower utility costs, while promoting sustainable energy technology. “Each solar array installed can be modified to fit individual needs based on the size of the operation it serves. Our solar energy solutions are becoming increasingly efficient with costs per watt averaging 79 cents and many customers seeing a payback in as little as  four to five years,” says Don Van Houweling, president of Van Wall Group.

IFBF President Craig Hill says the solar benefit is one more way IFBF works to boost clean energy for all Iowans; “Iowa Farm Bureau’s partnership with Van Wall Energy on solar project installation and maintenance simply reinforces the benefits Iowans see in renewable energy and the advancements we like to see in terms of agricultural and environmental sustainability promotion. Farm Bureau has long believed in helping Iowans find ways to increase their economic and environmental sustainability by helping them do more, with less. We’re excited to offer this benefit to our members and look forward to Iowa once again ‘lighting’ the path in terms of renewable energy.”

With the new Van Wall solar benefit agreement, Farm Bureau members can now save up to $2,500 on the installation of Van Wall solar energy systems on their farms or businesses as Van Wall is offering the first five years of maintenance free for Iowa Farm Bureau members, a $500 annual fee for non-members. Along with this benefit, Van Wall Energy will continue to offer Farm Bureau members five years of free required service maintenance on Endurance wind turbines as well, a $12,500 value.  

Farm Bureau members’ exclusive savings on Van Wall Energy Systems are effective immediately in every Iowa county. Members must provide a valid IFBF membership card to the Van Wall dealer at the time of purchase to get the discount.  Discounts can’t be applied to past purchases. 

For more information about this Van Wall benefit, or other savings available exclusively to IFBF members, please contact the Iowa Farm Bureau at (866) 598-3693 or, or Van Wall Energy at (515) 465-5681 or