The sound of fans running and turkeys chirping is a welcome sign that the Moline farm is back in business after being hit with avian influenza earlier this year.

After depopulating the turkeys and months of disinfecting, the farm welcomed a new flock onto their farm July 31.

"July 31 was a very good day," Brad Moline said last week on the farm near Manson. "When those trucks rolled in, that was an exciting day. I haven’t been that excited for a flock of turkeys since I got my first one in seventh grade."

Moline raises turkeys with his father, John, and his brother, Grant. The family has been raising turkeys since 1924.

Avian influenza was first id­­entified on the Moline farm on May 19 when one of the farm’s employees walked into a barn to do chores and found 90 dead turkeys. The turkeys were 14 weeks old, just one month away from being...