When I first moved to Iowa to attend Iowa State University, I couldn't help but compare Iowa to the rolling hills and warm climate of my native North Carolina. 

The stark contrast between the two states was immediately apparent: fields of tobacco, cotton and sweet potatoes, replaced by corn and soybeans that stretched as far as the eye could see. It struck me: Iowa is an agricultural force. 

However, it’s the places and people that I have encountered in the months since arriving in Iowa that have left an even stronger impression on me. 

While corn and soybeans might be the most visible crops, there is so much more beneath the surface. I quickly discovered that Iowa’s agricultural diversity is nothing short of remarkable.

This past summer, I had the opportunity to visit a wide variety of Iowa farms, as an intern for Iowa Farm Bureau. From the classics of corn, soybeans and pigs to flower farms and Scottish Highland cattle, Iowa agriculture has so much to offer. 

From Holland Flower Farm, Iowa Cover Crop, Mudd Ridge Ranch and many other farms across Iowa, I was able to experience the diversity within the industry that makes its home in Iowa. 

Iowa agriculture isn't unique simply because of the crops, animals, and products that are produced here. It is the incredible farmers across the state, who make feeding their communities and the world their mission, while creating such a diverse landscape for growth and innovation. Their passion is nothing less than inspiring.

My transition from North Carolina to Iowa has been an eye-opening experience. But the diversity and scope of Iowa agriculture made me feel right at home. Iowa agriculture has managed to convince this North Carolina girl to stick around for good.

By Kadence Overby. Kadence is an Iowa State University student and Iowa Farm Bureau's Digital Marketing Intern.

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