See all of the reasons U.S. News and World Report recently named Iowa the "best state" in the nation in 2018!

Iowa Minute transcript

Laurie Johns: When it comes to living in Iowa, our glass isn't just half full, it's overflowing. According to the latest survey from U.S. News and World Report, Iowa is the number one best place in the nation to live, recognizing our reputation as a strong ag state.

Our farmers are the envy of the globe. We grow more corn, beans, bacon and eggs than any other state in the nation. Because of that, one in five jobs in Iowa come from agriculture. We rank number one in infrastructure, and broadband access is a big part of that.

Thanks to continued conservation progress from farmers, the report gives Iowa high marks for air and water quality. That environmental high score also contributed to our high quality of life ranking. It's why so many come here to raise their families and not just grow where they're planted, but thrive for generations. 

It's because we aren't just Iowa Nice, we're Iowa awesome!

With your Iowa Minute, I'm Laurie Johns.