Today's responsible livestock farmers, like Carroll County young farmer Ben Klocke, are always looking for better ways to raise animals.

Iowa Minute Transcript

Laurie Johns: Did you know that 96 percent of Iowa grocery shoppers report their households eat pork on a regular basis? And, according to the latest Iowa Farm Bureau Food and Farm Index ®, 87 percent of Iowans are confident Iowa farmers are caring for their animals responsibly. That's because today's responsible livestock farmers are always looking for better ways to raise animals. Ben Klocke, a young farmer from Carroll County, went all the way to Europe for this type of pig barn!

Ben Klocke: We looked into a lot of different systems out there, and we went with this European design called Skov, where it's got vaulted ceilings, and in our opinion it's fresher air for the animal and the caretaker. With me living next to it and having neighbors and the barns are going to be around a long time - they're not going anywhere - that was our best decision.

Johns: Keeping animals safe, healthy and comfortable is key. If you have questions about farm animal care, check out With your Iowa Minute, I'm Laurie Johns.