Iowa Minute: Learning about Iowa's water quality from the seat of your bike

Bicycling in Iowa is all about enjoying the great outdoors. It's also a great way to learn about how Iowa's farmers are keeping the outdoors great. Learn more by watching the new edition of the Iowa Minute!

Iowa Minute Transcript

Laurie Johns: Bicycling in Iowa is all about enjoying the great outdoors. Now it's also a great way to learn how Iowa farmers are keeping the outdoors great, while growing our food.

Kenny Lund (Polk County farmer, conservationist): I think it's a good idea. Blow our horn a little bit, that we do care about the soil.

Johns: Kenny Lund wants outdoor enthusiasts to hear how Iowa farmers are embracing the challenge of improving water quality. Just seven conservation practices used today have already removed 38 percent of nitrogen and 58 percent of phosphorus from the watersheds. Farmers are always learning, studying, trying new things.

Steve Lee (Polk County farmer, conservationist): We can soil sample. We can apply fertilizer directly, and it doesn't let us over-apply.

Johns: Different signs. Different practices. Different farms in different parts of the state. But they may not be obvious from your car window. So the next time you're out biking, enjoying the great outdoors, take time, slow your roll, look for signs of conservation progress. They're all around you. With your Iowa Minute, I'm Laurie Johns.

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