Iowa pig farmers are using electrostatic fences to catch dust and reduce odors from their pig barns. These fences use electromagnetism to catch the dust coming from hog barns before it escapes into the air. Iowa farmers are working hard to both put food on America's tables and be good neighbors. Find out more from Laurie Johns in this week's Iowa Minute!

Iowa Minute Transcript

Laurie Johns: Here in Iowa, where research shows that 96% of households regularly eat pork, it's no surprise that Iowa has long raised more pigs than any other state in the nation. But what might be surprising are the many ways farmers are working to reduce odor from pigs.

Dr. John Stine (Environmental Projects Manager, Iowa Select Farms): This electrostatic fence is designed to reduce dust, and thus odor, leaving the farm. We have high-charge electric wires right after the fans that charges the dust particles leaving those fans, and then they're able to be grabbed or captured by the green fence material after that. We capture the dust, we capture the odor as well.

Johns: This fence may reduce odors by 50%, but the farm is doing studies with ISU working to boost that even more. And combining this technology with another adds more odor-reducing benefits. Tree plantings like this one are being done at hog farms all around the state. Innovation leads the way. For more information contact With your Iowa Minute, I'm Laurie Johns.