Iowa Minute Transcript

Laurie Johns: Some of today's modern livestock barns are so committed to protecting their pigs that every day on the job for the farmers who work in them starts here, where they shower in and shower out to protect their pigs from illnesses they might carry into the barns. Farmers like Janae Mogler believe in innovation and compassionate care of animals. They work with veterinarians to ensure the health of every animal, and they work with ISU engineers, who design state-of-the-art livestock environments.

Janae Mogler (Assistant Manager, Pig Hill Farm): It's 75 degrees in this room. It's so comfortable. Yeah, we're in here in short sleeves all year round. It's a really comfortable place. Not only for the pigs, but also for people.

Johns: Iowa farmers know that healthy animals mean healthy food. And after all, that's what we consumers expect. Iowa livestock farmers raise animals in many different ways, so if you have questions, go to