Iowa Farm Bureau Federation (IFBF), the state’s largest grassroots farm organization, will address key priorities of protecting landowners and property taxpayers, addressing measures to combat Iowa’s veterinary care workforce shortage, wildlife management, and other important policies to Iowa’s farmers during the 2023 legislative session.

Throughout the past year, Farm Bureau members from every county provided input on policy important to Iowa agriculture. Critical issues were voted on and prioritized to shape the organization's efforts for the 2023 legislative session

“Property taxes will reach $6.67 billion in Iowa for fiscal year 2023 and have more than doubled over the past 18 years,” IFBF President and Calhoun County farmer Brent Johnson said. “That’s why our members clearly identified property taxpayer protections as a key focus during the 2023 legislative session. It’s important that state obligations are not shifted to property taxpayers and that legislators continue to look for ways to ease the burden on property taxpayers, especially considering Iowa’s strong fiscal position.”

Farm Bureau members have also prioritized landowner protections as a 2023 legislative priority. Iowa law lays out the process for companies to build large infrastructure projects, such as underground pipelines and electric transmission lines, but currently there is no voluntary easement threshold before projects may be granted eminent domain authority. “Our members have shaped policy to ensure when constructing large infrastructure projects, Iowa law should adequately protect landowner rights prior to approval and after construction is complete,” Johnson said.  

Farm Bureau will also work toward solutions to workforce shortages among food animal veterinarians. The organization’s efforts will focus on allowing registered veterinary technicians to engage in more hands-on practices to increase the availability of veterinary care which supports livestock farmers, protects food safety and increases disease prevention.

Wildlife management to curb crop damage and disease risk to livestock is another issue important to Iowa farmers that will be a legislative focus in the coming session. Farm Bureau members support the adoption of year-round nuisance control.