The following statement may be attributed to Iowa Farm Bureau President Craig Hill:

 “E15 is a safe, clean and low-cost fuel which can be used in 9 out of every 10 cars on the road today and since Iowa corn farmers currently sell one-third of their crop for renewable fuel production, removing barriers to sell it is a no-cost, win-win for both farmers and consumers. 

 Our members are pleased that the Administration is granting this waiver, lifting a seasonal block that prevented retailers from selling E15.  The waiver means an increase in demand of almost 2 billion bushels of corn, helping sustain market prices at a time when Iowa farmers are facing depressed commodity prices and decreased farm income. 

 Maintaining the strength of the RFS has many benefits; as a ‘green’ energy source, it helps the environment.  Since Iowa is the number one producer of both ethanol and biodiesel, a strong RFS also benefits our economy, because the biofuels industry in Iowa alone supports 50,000 good paying jobs, predominately in rural communities.

 Through the Farm Bureau’s grassroots policy development process, our member Iowa families have passionately supported the Renewable Fuels Standard and continue to do so today.”