Iowa Farm Bureau members are pleased that continued, measurable conservation progress can continue, without the distraction of litigation.  The dismissal of the Des Moines Water Works (DMWW) lawsuit means that focus should return to collaborative approaches to improving water quality.  In record numbers, Iowa farmers are working with engineers, agronomists, and soil and water quality experts from ISU to put a record number of proven conservation practices to work, such as cover crops, which went from 10,000 covered acres in 2009 to more than 600,000 last year.  They also have increased enrollment in more targeted, continuous Conservation Reserve Program acres than any other state (now 1.09 million acres).    These efforts are deserving of more funding and media focus than they are currently getting, because Iowa farmers are embracing the challenge of improving water quality, driving positive momentum on water quality that should unite all Iowans who share the common goal of achieving long-term water quality progress.