The following statement may be attributed to Iowa Farm Bureau Federation President, Craig Hill:

“For more than five years, Iowa farmers have advocated for a new clean water rule that protects our water resources and can be easily understood and implemented so farmers can productively work their land while receiving regulatory certainty. 

Today, the EPA announced a new WOTUS definition that protects our nation’s waters without the broad federal overreach of the burdensome 2015 definition.  This new rule brings clarity, so farmers can know what farming and conservation practices require permitting. 

Iowa farmers are committed to taking on the challenge of doing our part to help improve Iowa’s water quality, and we appreciate the opportunity to share farmers’ perspectives and concerns to ensure the new clean water rule is done right.  Since more than 90 percent of Iowa’s land is agricultural, and agriculture accounts for one in five jobs in the state, it is crucial to work with farmers on this rule, since agriculture is the most directly impacted. 

This new clean water rule brings a clear definition that will allow farmers to farm responsibly while protecting our land and water resources.”