The Iowa Utilities Board (IUB) set a hearing date of July 11-12, 2023, to consider a franchise petition for the construction and operation of the SOO Green electric transmission line. It will be held in Elkader, Iowa, the midpoint of the proposed line. SOO Green is proposing an underground electric transmission line across eight counties in North and Northeast Iowa along the Canadian Pacific Railroad and Highway 18. The goal of the merchant transmission line is to transport wind energy from Northwest Iowa to the PJM electric grid on the East coast where the electricity can be sold at a higher price.

Many affected landowners signed "cooperation agreements" and easements with SOO Green, but other landowners have questioned whether SOO Green has the necessary property interest to construct and install the line. SOO Green received permission from the Railroad to construct the line, but not from all of the adjoining landowners. SOO Green filed an eminent domain request against those landowners who questioned their property interest in order to have a mechanism to compensate the landowner and acquire the property interests.

In its February 24, 2023 Order, the IUB did not require SOO Green to acquire the remaining property interests since SOO Green had filed eminent domain requests for those landowners who came forward and questioned whether SOO Green owns the land rights to build. Landowners who have not yet filed an objection, but contest that SOO Green has the necessary land rights to install the line, should file a comment in the IUB's docket here as soon as possible. These landowners should also consider consulting their attorney about their options in this situation.

Below is the Schedule set for the IUB to receive testimony and exhibits to consider the franchise application to construct and install the transmission line.

Procedural ActivityDeadlines
Staff Report Target DateApril 7, 2023
SOO Green and Supporter Written Direct Testimony DueMay 3, 2023
OCA and Resister Written Direct Testimony DueJune 7, 2023
SOO Green and Support Written Reply Testimony DueJune 21, 2023
Prehearing Written Briefs Due & Notification of Participation in the HearingJune 30, 2023
Hearing (LIVE at Johnson's Family Restaurant and Reception Hall in Elkader)July 11-12, 2023 @ 9 AM

Objections and comments may be filed by clicking here and filling out the form as soon as possible but not later than the end of June.

More information about electric transmission lines may be found here.