Harvest around halfway for industrial hemp crop

Harvest around halfway for industrial hemp crop

The harvest of the traditional crops in the state is just getting underway while the harvest for the first year of a revitalized crop is now about half done.

Robin Pruisner with the Iowa Department of Agriculture says there were 729 acres certified this year to grow industrial hemp.

“Six-hundred-and-53 of it was actually planted. So, that was a pretty good percentage of the acres that were planted,” according to Pruisner. “Since then we’ve had a handful of voluntary destructions — things that happened like storm damage or the weeds got ahead of them and they knew they weren’t going to have a crop — so they just ceased operations.”

The hemp has to have a THC level of .3 or lower to be acceptable. “We are actively out testing those crops to give them the green light to harvest them. Or if it is too high in THC then we have to order it to be destroyed,” Pruisner says. Pruisner says in the 48 fields they’ve tested thus far — six had higher than allowed THC levels.

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