The new online filing option for manure management plans is open for business. Even if your annual update isn't due yet, you can enroll now to assign privileges to your consultant or make it easier when it's time to file.  Enrolling now eliminates the chance that you lose or misplace your PIN letter.

DNR mailed each farm a PIN number—one PIN number for each facility site. Check with your co-owners, and if you haven’t already received your PIN letter, contact the DNR field office. The PIN number is a security feature to ensure that only the owners or your authorized consultant can file the MMP.

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR) recently announced a new web application which will allow you to submit the short form MMP update online. This new eMMP option will allow livestock farmers or your consultants the convenience of submitting the annual form and paying compliance fees online. Instead of mailing or submitting forms in-person, you can file from your computer or smart phone. No more drives to the county courthouses to get signatures and they will now receive an email from DNR.

The first step for enrollment is setting up your State of Iowa online account (see directions below). After receiving the PIN letter, login to your State of Iowa online account and use the PIN number to link your login ID with your farm site(s). Then, you may also authorize your consultant to access the account to file your MMP and make payment for you. Once you sign up, you will also get email reminders of when your next plan is due.

To get started go to the DNR’s new web application here:

The State of Iowa user account is called the “Enterprise A&A” (Authentication & Authorization) account. This secure system ensures cyber security when an individual provides the state with private information. If you participated in online training for manure applicator certification, you likely already have an account and should locate the User ID information you used for this training.

The PIN allows producers secure access to the DNR’s online MMP application. The process has only a few main steps:

  1. Create a State of Iowa login ID (A&A account), then follow emailed directions to activate your account.
  2. Link each farm to the login account using the PIN number for that facility.
  3. If preferred, you may also authorize your consultant to submit the form and pay fees by entering the consultant’s email.
  4. If you are doing it yourself instead of using a consultant, you can navigate to the eMMP application and follow the simple steps to submit your form and pay fees.

The paper option is still available. Paper users must still get signatures from county offices and hand deliver a copy of the MMP to counties where the facility is located and in any counties where manure is applied.

Find out more from an eMMP Information Fact Sheet and DNR's “How-to” step-by-step webinar at