Date: February 28, 2018
Time: 1:00 pm
Speakers: Iowa DNR Staff  

Learn more from Iowa DNR about a new fast and easy option for filing the annual Manure Management Plans electronically (Short Form). This webinar explains the secure, streamlined process to file the annual updates as well as provide valuable information about how to receive your facility’s unique PIN number, create an A&A account, authorize your consultant to file your update, and pay the annual compliance fees online. 

Recording segments and visuals: (recordings will be available after the webinar)
#1.  Introduction and Benefits, please click here.  Duration 9:48  PDF of visuals
#2.  Creating your State Login ID, please click here.  Duration 6:45  PDF of visuals
#3.  Submitting Your Plan, please click here.  Duration 10:35  PDF of visuals
#4.  Making a Payment, please click here.  Duration 5:25  PDF of visuals
#5.  County User Guide, please click here.  Duration 5:17  PDF of visuals
#6.  Public User Guide, please click here.  Duration 6:19  PDF of visuals
#7.  Resources and Questions, please click here.  Duration 13:47  PDF of visuals