As we get into the later stages of the growing season, a higher amount of variability is being seen among crops in the Western and Eastern Corn Belt. This isn't uncommon but seems to be a trend that has become more pronounced in recent years. 

Crops in the Eastern Corn Belt have seen a wide variability of weather this growing season. Conditions started out wetter than usual in the east but have since started to turn dry. Subsoil moisture is higher than normal in many regions, which has helped buffer dry conditions but not totally alleviated the stress.

The crops also had a cool start to the growing season, which led to an elevated amount of emergence issues and generated the need for replanting. This was more of an issue in the fringe area of the Eastern Belt, but it has caused doubt over the high yields being forecast, especially on corn. 

The real uncertainty on this year’s crops is in the Western Corn Belt....