A topic that continues to trouble the market is the U.S. share of global trade. This has steadily been declining in recent years, and according to U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) data, it may not recover anytime soon. 

According to baseline research data from the USDA, the share of the world market to which the United States supplies corn, soybeans and wheat will remain mostly steady over the next five years. 

For corn, this will equate to roughly 29% to 30% of the world market. The share of the world market the U.S. will supply with soybeans will range from 34% to 35%. For wheat, the U.S. share of the global market will hold from 12% to 13%. 

What is more concerning is that for the next 10 years, the USDA is predicting cash values on corn, soybeans and wheat will all remain close to where they currently are. 

While this is better than the average for the past 10...