Greetings to you from Moscow, dear Iowa Farmers!

Farmers, as always are busy in July. In Southern Russia they are already harvesting winter grains. In Siberia fierce fires are destroying the crops and threaten animal life. Central Russia has never seen so much rain.

The weather conditions are a constant worry for people who farm the land but in the midst of worries, we always look for a silver lining.

That is why in July we decided to talk about something positive by sharing with you a story about an extraordinary farmer, an extraordinary woman and an extraordinary mother. Just look at this picture!

The Sorokin clan gathered around their mom on her birthday

The name of the woman who is in charge of this troop is Tatiana Sorokina. The Sorokins live in a small village in Central Russia. They work on their farm from sunrise to sunset. But this is not the only responsibility in the Sorokin family. They also have children. A lot of children!

How many are there in the Sorokin family? The answer is seventy nine! Yes, you heard it right, - this family has raised 79 children, - 70 of whom are adopted children. No wonder that the Sorokins hold the Russian record of the largest family in Russia.

The Sorokins decided to become foster parents because there was an urgent need in the area to provide children with what they were lacking: parental love, comradery of siblings, and a warm home environment.

AKKOR has a special subdivision that is called Rural Women of Russia. The Chairwoman of the organization, Nadezhda Bezbudko recently visited the Sorokin family.

AKKOR Chairwomanm Nadezhda Bezborodko (far right) and the mother-hero, Tataiana Sorokina (far left)

FYI: The sign on the door says NO SMOKING


The timing of Nadezdda’s visit coincided with Tatiana’s birthday. This is how Nadezhda describes the warm welcome that was given by the family to a small group of quests.

“When we arrived, a neatly dressed woman,a  mother of 79, a grandmother to 46, and a great grandmother of 5, met us in the courtyard. She was beaming with joy and so were the children who surrounded their mother.

The house was so clean and airy, but what surprised us the most were the happy faces of children everywhere we looked.

Sorokins in their living room. In this picture you can also see the father

Tatiana confesses that her most rewarding experience in life were her children.

But raising such a large family also requires discipline and responsibilities sharing. The children looked very happy and everyone was trying to get closer to their mother who was hugging and saying encouraging words to every single one of them.

“My kids and grandkids are the most significant birthday gift. I wouldn’t change a thing in my life”.

No visit to a rural area goes without a beautifully set table and a feast that follows.

Many of her children have already left the home nest but they still come back to share, get encouragement and get advice that only mothers can give to their children.

AKKOR has outdid itself with a very special gift. Tatiana never asks for anything but local farmers shared that transportation was a real big problem for the family. How do you move around even 20 kids? So, AKKOR gave the Sorokin family a brand new van and made this birthday the happiest in Tatiana’s life!

Looking back at the unique experience that Nadezhda Bezborodko had with the Sorokin family, she concluded her story with this statement.

“Mother Nature has been so generous to Tatiana. She gave her the courage to meet life’s challenges “head-on”. She is raising her children in the best traditions of loving and supportive homes. She leads by example while showing the kids how to be a good team player in the family. She teaches them to love the land that feeds them. Tatiana generously shares local and national traditions so that her children can carry them onto the next generations.

Having met Tatiana and having seen her in action, I guarantee you that the future prosperity of the Russian countryside lies on the shoulders of women like Tatiana”.

On this inspiring note, we bid you goodbye till September and wish you and yours nothing but the best.