Field Days & Events

Building Soil Health Through Relay-Cropping, Extended Rotations and Reduced Tillage

Wednesday, June 26 | 4:30pm-6:30pm
Humboldt, Iowa

Hosted by Doug & Kim Adams and Harley Hett with a speaker from Humboldt County NRCS. Come see and discuss relay-cropping soybeans and winter wheat, using cover crops for weed control, extending rotations with small grains to improve nutrient cycling, forming partnerships for farm transition, and a rainfall simulator and slake test.

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Southeast Research and Demonstration Farm

Wednesday, June 26 | 12:30pm-3:30pm
Crawfordsville, Iowa

Hosted by Iowa State University Extension and Outreach and the Southeast Iowa Agricultural Research Association. Come see and discuss research farm updates, bioreactors, edge-of-field practices, the whole farm conservation best practices manual, and strip trial with sulfur and soybeans.

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Armstrong Research and Demonstration Farm Field Day

Thursday, June 27 | 9:30am-3:30pm
Lewis, Iowa

The field day will feature Iowa State University Extension and Outreach experts including Terry Gleaves, Doug Houser, and Madelynn Wuestenberg. They will speak on a variety of current crop and planting practices in agriculture.

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Pollinator and CRP Field Day

Thursday, June 27 | 10:30am-12:30pm
Fairfield, Iowa

This field day aims to assist farmers and landowners with establishing and maintaining Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) perennial vegetation, including trees and shrubs. These areas offer many benefits including pollinator habitat, reducing soil erosion from sensitive areas, build soil health, improve wildlife, and provide beauty to the landscape.

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Nutrient Management Using Intercropping in an Organic Operation

Tuesday, July 2 | 10am-12pm
Maynard, Iowa

Hosted by Scott and Catherine Wedemeier. Come see and discuss intercropping to manage nutrients, replacing corn silage with an 18-way cover crop mix chopped for silage, diversifying rotations with small grains underseeded with legumes, using a baled oats, barley and pea forage mix, and equipment for seeding and chopping.

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Innovative Strategies for Diversifying a Row Crop Operation

Wednesday, July 10 | 4pm-6pm
Corning, Iowa

Hosted by Chris & Shannon Gaesser of GX Agriculture. Come see and discuss management strategies for small grains, a Walker combine modified to clean grain, grazing neighbors’ livestock on cover crops, finding niche markets for small grains, on-farm research exploring perennial ground cover, biologicals, nitrogen fixation and more.

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Grazing and Cover Crop Field Day

Tuesday, July 16 | 5pm-7pm
Buffalo Center, Iowa

Located at Zack Smith Farm in Buffalo Center.

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Managing Soil Function

Tuesday, July 16 | 9:30am-1:30pm
Slater, Iowa

Hosted by Polk SWCD. They will view soils using Soil Pits under different management practices including no-till row crop, Kernza, Prairie and Alfalfa.

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Grundy County Workshop: Biologicals, the Hot Topic

Thursday, July 18 | 9am-12pm
Grundy Center, Iowa

Hosted by Chris & Shannon Gaesser of GX Agriculture. Come see and discuss evaluating crop benefits and financial returns on biological products, making compost extract and best practices for storing, how to apply biological products, including at planting and foliar application, and fitting biological products into a crop management plan.

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Improving Soil Through Nitrogen Reduction and Conservation Practices

Wednesday, July 24 | 2pm-4pm
Osage, Iowa

Hosted by Alec & Rachel Amundson. Come see and discuss relay intercropping cereal rye and soybeans, no-till corn and soybean production with covers, use of a bioreactor and the Conservation Reserve Program, fixing nitrogen by interseeding red clover into small grains, results of a nitrogen reduction on-farm research project through PFI’s Cooperators’ Program, and using cover crops to improve water quality in the Rock Creek Watershed

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Establishing and Growing a Cover Crop Seeding and Service Business

Tuesday, July 30 | 10:30am-12:30pm
Stanley, Iowa

Hosted by Dan & Jessica Bahe of Bahe Cover Crops. Come see and discuss overcoming challenges to getting started with custom cover crop seeding, balancing priorities: acres vs. profitability vs. family time, diversifying a custom-seeding business by offering extra services, making the switch to full-time farming with the help of a cover crop business, finding the right equipment to grow your operation, and a Crustbuster 40-foot drill, a J&M LC390 and bulk seed bins.

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Innovation to Profit Summer Series - Farmersburg

Tuesday, August 6 | 11am-2:00pm
Farmersburg, Iowa

Explore research and conservation trials in the area, along with available cost share opportunities. Gain insight into local conservation efforts, including pollinator habitats and other edge of field practices, that are impacting farmer productivity.

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Honing Pasture Management with Rotational Grazing + Cover Crops

Saturday, August 10 | 3pm-5pm
Harlan, Iowa

Hosted by Rosmann Family Farms and Farm Sweet Farm. Come see and discuss timing rotational grazing practices based on farm and livestock needs, rotating and interseeding cool- and warm-season small grains for continual grazing, converting cropland to pasture and deciding on pastureland duration, using compost and cattle on the land to reduce inputs in the soil, and using rye and hybrid rye as supplemental feed to reduce corn feed, and deciding which is best for you.

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Scaling Up Custom Cover Crop Application

Friday, August 23 | 10am-12pm
Logan, Iowa

Hosted by Mike & Kara Dickinson and Mark Unruh. Come see and discuss starting a cover crop seeding business, tips for scaling up cover crop seeding application, a custom-built rolling basket harrow air seeder, a teff grass-oat-alfalfa cover crop mix in the field, nutrient management using chicken litter and livestock grazing, and managing cover crops in drought conditions.

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Reducing Nitrogen with Rotational Cover Cropping and Biologic Additions

Friday, August 30 | 4pm-6pm
Marengo, Iowa

Hosted by Ross McCaw of McCaw Custom Farms. Come see and discuss rotational cover crop practices using a three-year crop rotation of corn, soybean and seed rye, planting summer grazing crops after cereal rye for nitrogen fixation, nitrogen reduction trials through PFI’s Cooperators’ Program, adding compost extract or other biologics to increase soil health and quality, alternating planting times in a three-year cycle for larger harvest yields, and in-field testing of nitrogen and nitrate load using a calcium-chloride test kit.

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