Other Resources

Everyone has a role to play in Iowa's water quality. To see what other groups are doing, check out the links below.

Iowa Nutrient Research & Education Council (INREC)

INREC is a collaboration between Iowa's ag retailers, farm groups, and others to measure and validate the environmental progress that farmers are making statewide, foster additional improvements and enhance the role of certified crop advisors and ag retailers as "change agents" to encourage farmers to adopt practices to conserve soil and improve water quality. Learn more: http://iowanrec.org/

Clean Water Iowa

Clean Water Iowa is a website that serves as a resource to help Iowans protect and improve water quality. It contains information about science-based practices that can be implemented to improve water quality and showcases conservation practices we can all use, whether it is on the farm, at a business or by a homeowner. Learn more: http://www.cleanwateriowa.org/

ISU – Iowa Nutrient Reduction Strategy

A resource provided by the Iowa Nutrient Research Center at Iowa State University that contains information on research projects underway to improve nutrient management practices on Iowa farms. Learn more: http://www.nutrientstrategy.iastate.edu/

Iowa Agriculture Water Alliance

The Iowa Agriculture Water Alliance works with farmers and convenes partners to drive the adoption of conservation practices and other innovations that will improve water quality. Learn more:https://www.iowaagwateralliance.com/

Agriculture's Clean Water Alliance

ACWA (Agriculture's Clean Water Alliance) is a group of leading ag retailers in west-central Iowa. The issue that brought ACWA together was water quality in the Raccoon River watershed. Learn more: http://www.acwa-rrws.org/