Iowa Water Quality Strategy

Iowa Nutrient Reduction Strategy

The State of Iowa has a developed a collaborative, research-based plan to conserve the state's soils and protect Iowa water quality – it's called the Iowa Nutrient Reduction Strategy, or the Iowa Water Quality Initiative.

The strategy was developed by researchers at Iowa State University, the Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship, and the Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR), and it was first funded by the Iowa Legislature in 2013. It maps out the rural and urban factors contributing to Iowa's water quality and offers tailored solutions and proven practices for Iowa's farms, businesses, and communities in a scientific, reasonable and cost-effective manner.

You'll find many examples of how farmers are implementing the clean water practices recommended by Iowa's Nutrient Reduction Strategy on and Water quality in Iowa is important to everyone, and farmers are working hard to follow the Nutrient Reduction Strategy.

Scaling up water quality progress through the Nutrient Reduction Strategy

Iowa Secretary of Agriculture Mike Naig shares how farmers and their partners are scaling up Iowa's water quality progress through the Nutrient Reduction Strategy.