Conservation Progress

Iowa farmers continue to take on the challenge of improving Iowa’s water quality by investing millions of dollars in proven, science-based conservation practices. The scale of the progress that has been achieved over the years through these practices is testament to the innovation and commitment of Iowa farmers. See the results for yourself!

Cover Crops

Cover crops protect water quality, reducing nitrogen and phosphorus loss by up to 30%.


Wetlands reduce nitrate loss by up to 90%. Iowa has nearly 140 wetlands, and more on the way.


Iowa has over 90,000 miles of terraces helping to reduce soil erosion and phosphorus loss by 77%.

Iowa Farmers Lead the Way in Conservation

Ranking number one in several ‘proven’ conservation practices that help improve water quality.

Grassed Waterways

Grassed waterways provide habitat for birds and wildlife and can reduce phosphorus loss and erosion by anywhere from 60-75%.

Conservation & Water Quality Progress

Conservation & Water Quality Progress

Natural soil fertility

Natural Soil Fertility

The Reel Deal in Water Quality

The "Reel" Deal in Water Quality

Covering a lot of ground

Covering A Lot of Ground

Download the Wetlands, where are we today infographic

Wetlands, Where Are We Today?

Download The “Low” Down on Phosphorus infographic

The "Low" Down on Phosphorus

Agriculture and Environmental Protection

Agriculture and Environmental Protection

The Upside of Down

Iowa farmers are celebrating the decline in nutrients in surface water. Their ongoing efforts, like no-till, terracing, and contour farming have made Iowa's waterways cleaner. Here's to continued progress!