This Saturday, Iowa Farm Bureau brings farmers to Iowa City for the ANF Game Day to bring a taste of the farm field to the gridiron. Through family-friendly tailgate games, about 40 young Iowa farmers will share how they grow crops or raise animals. They’re also happy to answer any questions people have about agriculture. After all, farming is a lot more diverse than many people know. 

Sure, Iowa farmers are known for growing corn, soybeans, raising hogs, cattle and poultry. But did you know farmers also grow hops for the growing craft beer industry? They’re raising seafood in converted barns, growing grapes in vineyards and finding new fuel sources from what used to be considered waste. In fact, what Iowa farmers grow touches your life every day—whether it’s the crayons (made from soybeans) your pre-schooler used to make the lovely picture on your fridge, the lipstick you wear to work (byproduct of cattle), the batteries in your flashlight or the shampoo in your shower (both come from a byproduct of corn).  

ANF connects the dots for many Iowans by sharing the story of agriculture. And, ANF is the "gift that keeps giving" because the sale of ANF merchandise raises money for the Iowa Food Bank. Did you know that since Iowa Farm Bureau has been a part of the ANF program, more than $168,000 has been raised to feed hungry Iowans?

Regardless what colors you wear, it’s important to realize that America still needs farmers. Agriculture is our state’s primary industry, one that employs more than 20 percent of Iowans. We simply couldn’t live without these hardworking men and women. So, let’s stand behind the farmers who work hard every day to keep their animals healthy, their soils fertile and protect our state’s water quality. By standing together, we can all reap the benefits of the food, fuel and fiber produced right here in Iowa!

By Caitlyn Lamm. Caitlyn is Iowa Farm Bureau’s public relations specialist.