Glenn and Coleen Van Dyke live by a simple philosophy on their farm located in southern Poweshiek County: they want to care for the land, improve it and leave it in better condition for future generations.

"It’s really all about saving the soil, because it’s the most precious resource we have," Coleen Van Dyke said last week. "Soil conservation has become even more important with the big rains that we have had the past few years."

Since they purchased their farm in 1969, the Poweshiek County Farm Bureau members have put their philosophy of conserving the soil into action.

Over the years the Van Dykes have:

• Installed terraces and grass waterways to slow water flow.

• Improved and added tile to help the land absorb water and reduce runoff.

• Planted filter strips which catch soil to help keep it on the field.

• Adopted no-till practices and a number of other practices that reduce soil loss and improve the environment.

The Van Dykes continually maintain their existing conservation structures to keep them...