Below is a listing of upcoming conservation field days around the state. For a complete listing of future conservation field days, click here.

Upcoming Field Days

Grazing ‘Round the Farm 

Friday, June 14 | 10am-12pm 

Knoxville, Iowa 

Hosted by Ethan and Becca Book of Crooked Gap Farm. Come see and discuss several topics including transitioning row crop ground to permanent pasture, grazing cover crops with sheep and cattle, NRCS programs, woodlot infrastructure for pigs, and how to raise pigs in the woods. 

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Rye Resiliency: Strategies for Using Rye to Build and Maintain Soil Health 

Monday, June 17 | 4:30pm-6:30pm 

Packwood, Iowa 

Hosted by J.D. Hollingsworth and Dave Hollingsworth. Come see and discuss several topics including roller-crimping rye in soybeans, management strategies for cereal rye pre-harvest, cutting back on fertilizer and chemical inputs, and a slake test demonstration and rainfall simulator. 

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ILF Webinar: Understanding Cereal Rye N Cycling Benefits and Risks 

Wednesday, June 19 | Starting at 12pm 

In the webinar, “How Can Cereal Rye Affect Nitrogen Cycling and Crop Production?,” Richard Roth will provide an overview of cereal rye cover crop systems and discuss how adopting cereal rye influences nitrogen cycling and potential subsequent impacts on growing crops. He will also introduce and highlight some management options to help overcome potential risks from the impacts of cereal rye on nitrogen cycling. 

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A Legacy of Stewardship: Using Cover Crops, Biochar and Nature for Sustainable Agriculture 

Wednesday, June 19 | 4pm-6pm 

Washington, Iowa 

Hosted by Rob Stout. Come see and discuss several topics including using cover crops like cereal rye and oats to suppress weeds and improve soil and water quality, soil sampling and testing methods with the goal of increasing organic matter 0.1% each year, and integrating the Conservation Stewardship Program to reduce erosion, tillage and nutrient runoff and to improve water quality 

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TopSoil® Webinar: The Evolution of Carbon Markets 

Thursday, June 20 | Starting at 12pm 

Join Mitchell Hora alongside Kelly Garrett, co-founder of Xtreme Ag, as they expand on their conversations from the TopSoil Summit. Together, they will delve into Kelly’s insights and experiences on the evolution of carbon over the years, while going in-depth on the intersection of soil health and carbon markets. 

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Discovering Covers: Options From Seeding to Species and How They Affect Soil Health 

Thursday, June 20 | 4pm-6pm 

Garnavillo, Iowa 

Hosted by Edmund and Barbara Ruff. Come see and discuss several topics including planting single- and multi-species cover crop test plots for education, using terracing and no-till to minimize soil erosion, the ins and outs of different cover crop seeding methods, soil health assessments from a carbon-nitrogen perspective, and a project to preserve a historic 90-year-old barn 

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Hepp Ag Company Field Day 

Friday, June 21 | Starting at 2pm 

Rockwell City, Iowa 

Hosted by Hepp Ag Company with speaker and special guest Mitchell Hora. Topics discussed at this event will include ways to increase your ROI on your operations, how to reduce tillage, government programs to help with cost sharing and more. 

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Maintaining High Yields With Cover Crops and Conservation 

Saturday, June 22 | 10am-12pm 

Hubbard, Iowa 

Hosted by Kurtis, Kathy, and Al Kadolph with speakers John Gilbert of Gibralter Farm and Southfork Watershed Alliance and Melissa Miller of Southfork Watershed Alliance. Come see and discuss several topics including using cover crops to increase soil biology and organic matter, a cover crop mix of brassicas, cereal rye and camelina ahead of a corn crop, a cover crop mix of cereal rye, rapeseed and camelina ahead of soybeans, no-till corn-on-corn and corn-on-soybeans with use of a cover crop, edge-of-field conservation practices, and equipment including a Case IH Precision 550T no-till drill and Case IH 2150 planter set-up for no-till into cover crops with in-furrow starter fertilizer. 

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Southeast Research and Demonstration Farm 

Wednesday, June 26 | 12:30pm-3:30pm 

Crawfordsville, Iowa 

Hosted by Iowa State University Extension and Outreach and the Southeast Iowa Agricultural Research Association. Come see and discuss research farm updates, bioreactors, edge-of-field practices, the whole farm conservation best practices manual, and strip trial with sulfur and soybeans. 

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Building Soil Health Through Relay-Cropping, Extended Rotations and Reduced Tillage 

Wednesday, June 26 | 4:30pm-6:30pm 

Humboldt, Iowa 

Hosted by Doug & Kim Adams and Harley Hett with a speaker from Humboldt County NRCS. Come see and discuss relay-cropping soybeans and winter wheat, using cover crops for weed control, extending rotations with small grains to improve nutrient cycling, forming partnerships for farm transition, and a rainfall simulator and slake test. 

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Armstrong Research and Demonstration Farm Field Day 

Thursday, June 27 | 9:30am-3:30pm 

Lewis, Iowa 

The field day will feature Iowa State University Extension and Outreach experts including Terry Gleaves, Doug Houser, and Madelynn Wuestenberg. They will speak on a variety of current crop and planting practices in agriculture. 

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