AFBF, the Canadian Federation of Agriculture and Mexico’s Consejo Nacional Agropecuario on Wednesday (August 16, 2017) sent a joint letter to Canadian, United States and Mexican government officials reiterating their calls that North American Free Trade Agreement re-negotiations should aim to modernize the agreement, rather than dismantle it.

 The AFBF, CFA, and CNA agree that agriculture represents one of NAFTA's biggest success stories. Agricultural reciprocal trade between the three countries has grown exponentially since the agreement was implemented more than 20 years ago.  

In their discussions, the three presidents agreed on the need to build on the original agreement's success by looking for ways to increase trade volumes.  

“When it comes to overall positive results for North America’s farmers and ranchers, NAFTA has proved itself as a solid foundation for trade. Just as farmers have new tools and technology for food and fiber production, we believe that an updated NAFTA agreement can help the three nations become even stronger trading partners,” AFBF President Zippy Duvall said

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