The owner of a pair of small food markets in southwest Iowa is opening two sets of refrigerated lockers in nearby communities that no longer have grocery stores.

Theo Ramsey, who runs Ramsey’s Market, with stores in Lenox and Manning, is now offering the locker service in Shelby and Walnut. Ramsey says it’s a simple system.

“Folks would shop online and if they get in their order by 5 PM, we guarantee it the next day by 5 PM, usually much earlier,” Ramsey says. “Folks would get a notification when we deliver their stuff to the locker, punch in the code, pop open the doors, grab their stuff and go home.”

Each of the outlets has 30 lockers, 15 refrigerated and 15 for frozen foods. For people who plan ahead a little, he says it’s a cost-effective, convenient way to get your groceries.

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